Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Watch the headlines. CNN gives misleading info

Republican House votes to decrease your pay.  At least according to CNN
The headline was "House passes measure to let employers decide about OT"
Sounds scary right?
If an employer can decide to give you time off rather than pay overtime that would hurt a lot of us who work overtime for the extra money.  Paid time off instead can be nice but it should be an option to get paid.  Sounds fair right?  The CNN click baiting headline can really raise hackles and Democrats are opposed to the bill.  So naturally I read the bill and the White House blurb below.
The Working Families Flexibility Act 

Does not seem wrong to me, but maybe there is some hidden thing I missed.  We need to read and hold ALL politicians accountable, Democrats and Republicans alike.
We have to be careful of our news sources and willing to look for ourselves rather than be spoon fed.

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