Saturday, May 6, 2017

Resistance Speech

So Cenk Uygur gave a really good speech that was published to Youtube on May 2nd.  I just finished it.  If you care about America and if you think we have a problem with our current state of government you should listen to it.
He runs The Young Turks which is an online news group that I really appreciate.  I dont like or agree with everything they say but I do most of it and most of all I appreciate their honesty.

The thing that angers me the most about this period of American history is not the war on the middle class and the poor, the attack on the climate, the poisoning of our water, the attacks on Free Speech and censorship, or the seeming joy and careless disregard politicians seem to have for killing millions of Americans by taking away Health Care; no the thing that angers me the most is the lying, hypocrisy and corruption of those who are supposed to work for us.

I know that for years now most of America has surrendered and given up, that it seems like every election is only about choosing the lesser evil. That no matter what we do the corruption will continue and there is nothing we can do about it short of another revolution and overthrowing our leaders.  Luckily so far it has not come to that, though increasing activity indicates to me its not that far off.

.But the anger out here is growing and some people have stepped up to show us another way.
There are tons of groups out there fighting for change.  Some of them are wolves in sheep clothing and others outright false idols.  But if you look carefully you will find there are some good ones out there. Pick one you can stand behind, Left, Right, or Center I don't care.  We need people to fight for America because our leaders wont.

On my pages I list resources to help you find out information about your representatives.
I will be adding a section to this site for causes of various types that I think merit support.  If you see any you like help them.  If you know any I missed let me know and as long as my research bears out they are honest and not for the status quo or Hate Crimes or the violent overthrow of our government I will add them.  Even if I disagree with them.

America is supposed to be a government for and by the people, lets make that true again.

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